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The Road to Mount Beauty

For my entire life my memories of her are always associated with the little township of Mount Beauty in North Eastern Victoria’s high country and the exciting and glorious yearly trips there with my parents and siblings on our regular vacations.Situated in the Kiewa valley, with the towering Mount Bogong the highest peak, at 1986 metres.

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Hawaii trip 2019. Money exchange.

Here are examples of what we were thinking. OMG. It’s a joke. Why us? Have a look at that! Can this be true? What’s going on! Well, we didn’t really think that. We were thinking other things, silently. We just...

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Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter Two

JQ1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Jetstar. Melbourne,  Australia to Honolulu Hawaii, USA. Travelling is quite stressful. On the move constantly. Carrying important documents and foreign cash across the globe, protecting them via various means and a load of paranoia, lest they...

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Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One

Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One – PRE FLIGHT ” She packed her bag pre-flight. Zero hour 9 am. And she’s gonna be hiii-ii –igh as a kite by then ” Elton John song. Well, she’s not high, she’s not even...

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Travelling companion.

The Metro train journey from Melbourne’s west through to Flinders Street is usually a half hour trip. On this occasion, it took longer, delays due to Anzac Day crowds or other assorted breaks in schedule – like the pilfering of...



Nach dem Frühstück im Ibis, Frankfurt am Main, sind wir schließlich auf der ICE (Inter City Express). Es gibt eine gewisse leichte Angst in einer kleinen Wolke absteigend auf uns, als wir den Ansatz des antizipieren – Kontrolleur. Aus unbekannten...