Author: Pauline Campbell

Portland, Victoria, Australia – a visit

The coast called. The name is PORTLAND. What are we doing this weekend?   A leisurely, scenic day visiting the historic seaside City of PORTLAND was not in this itinerary. A 700 kilometre road trip from our home destination in north-east...

Pauline and a Fergie

My Father’s Fergie

My Father’s Fergie. The photo attached is not the original Fergie of this story but a club member in the street today. We wanted to ask some questions on his tractor but missed him. Memories of my Dad will always...

What does Australia day mean to you? 0

AUSTRALIA DAY. 26 January 2024

There was always Vegemite, sport, our beaches and the BIG things we are known for eg the BIG BANANA, THE BIG PRAWN, THE BIG NED KELLY. Add to this our unique rhyming slang or versions of English , reverse nicknames unfamiliar to other nations. Pauline

An Audi story by Pauline

Imagine this. Audi being driven slowly and sedately past a local cafe frequented by teenage youths who lounge around on the outdoor tables, scanning for any remotely hot looking car. ‘BAG IT UP” they shout locking eyes on our TTRS....

The Road to Mount Beauty

For my entire life my memories of her are always associated with the little township of Mount Beauty in North Eastern Victoria’s high country and the exciting and glorious yearly trips there with my parents and siblings on our regular vacations.Situated in the Kiewa valley, with the towering Mount Bogong the highest peak, at 1986 metres.

The moving blog 2021.

The moving blog. On buying a Bank!It was 3 years ago when I spotted a Bank for sale. Going cheap. It wasn’t the time. Too early and someone else grabbed it out from under me. Quite a lot of work...

Flanders to Brussels 4:20 pm. Chapter 1

After a long drag to the platform, we didn’t even glance at the train sitting stationary in front of us. Our train. The posh female checking tickets for the train to Brussels, haughtily let us on after glancing suspiciously at...