Hawaii trip 2019. Money exchange.

travel cash

Here are examples of what we were thinking.

OMG. It’s a joke. Why us? Have a look at that! Can this be true? What’s going on! Well, we didn’t really think that. We were thinking other things, silently. We just had to go along with it. There is no way out. There’s even no point going anywhere in Europe. This, we are told is a record low exchange rate from $AUD into $USD and it happens every single time we have done it.

Plus the Hotel we have chosen charges a ” service fee” per night for the privilege of staying there and percolating coffee in the room, plus giving you towels and blow up floaties so you can be swept out to sea in the gentle waves of The Pacific Ocean.

To soften the blow, we will be personally retrieved at the airport on arrival by someone HOLDING A SIGN! Yes a SIGN! I once did an airport retrieval myself, holding a sign. It was not the best Tour Guide experience and I never put my hand up again. Ever. It’s a story that needs to be told – for another time.

Pauline Campbell

I am a former Australian domestic Airline employee of 15 years to Professional Tour Guide. Recently moved from coast to country. I prefer the quiet peace and beauty of where I live currently but there is a little Gypsy in me. Travel has been my thing. Now there is writing, blogging and meditation.

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