An Audi story by Pauline Pauline
Imagine this.
Audi being driven slowly and sedately past a local cafe frequented by teenage youths who lounge around on the outdoor tables, scanning for any remotely hot looking car. ‘BAG IT UP” they shout locking eyes on our TTRS.
TTRS-Audi-5 Turbo
To those unaccustomed to this strange term, it describes the act of spinning the wheels, thereby creating a massive burnout,  drawing oneself and offending vehicle to the attention of any cruising cop in an unmarked car or even a nosy onlooker who observes those smokin’ wheels in disgust and ‘dobs’ you in!
In “Hoon law ” terms, this means said car can be confiscated (depending on severity of offence), trailered out in front of the horrified owners very eyes and anybody who happens to be present to witness this unfortunate event.
The Audi driver responds. ” Sorry boys, it is All Wheel Drive, not possible here.”
Pause from the boys. Response? ‘SHITTY CAR!”
TTRS-Audi-5 Turbo
This is the way we bought the TTRS and that exposed POD Filter is also enough for a defect, BUT Greg enclosed it all in as original as it works better!

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