Hailstorms, a Mediterranean villa and a lost knocker


“ I come from Des Moines. Someone had to.”

So said a famous author.20150110_134845

Let me re-phrase that to more specifically reflect my own personal experience on making the life decision to re-locate to a small seaside town.


“ I come from Melbourne. I really liked it there and I didn’t have to move but felt the time was ripe and  from my research it looked very picturesque and quiet even though the name was unfamiliar and having travelled a bit and being the restless kind it was going to be a change from the rat race and I could continue my business, the house was lovely,the air would be clean and fresh and the people would be nice………..”

So begins our personal journey to another home – in another town – and how some things don’t work or should not be done in regard to moving – and annoying the neighbours.

More to come…..

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