A Tale of an Auction Chapter 2 The Agent


The decision was made. It was time to move on.

That bold Greek style townhouse, sitting perched high on the hill in the suburb of Northcote was officially ours.

It had our name emblazoned across every square foot of its new white painted splendour.

Only 4 kms from Carlton, close, very close to bustling High Street and just far enough away to escape the worst of the pollution, perched as it was high on the best vantage point, with sweeping views to the Dandenong Ranges. Now we entered the decidedly stressful world of selling an inner City apartment, after buying another property. All the rules scream “ Don’t do that . Don’t buy before you sell. Fortunately we dont follow all rules.

Details of the Carlton apartment, indicating our desire to sell were faxed to approximately 12 real estate agents. A few locals had already shown interest and these early appraisals fell well below our expectations. However, we were ready, had our fingers on the pulse.

Research was conducted. We read all the property pages with gusto, attended a few auctions and were confident of a good outcome. After all, this was cosmopolitan Carlton, Little Italy, in the backyard of Lygon Street, with all amenities right at the doorstep. Buyers would be beating a path to our door.

After assessing replies – incidentally, half the agents contacted failed to respond – we settled on Sir Guy of Lancelot – from Round Table Real Estate -name changed to protect the innocent, the non-innocent, the guilty, or any other descriptive term which suits the story.

Our decision was based on his professional demeanour, youth, good looks, attitude, upwardly mobile means – and his car: in other words, all the things a go-getting couple like us appreciated and looked for in their preferred selling agent. The marketing campaign for the Carlton apartment began.

“NOT FROM THE AREA.” This little ditty was oft repeated!  NOT FROM THE AREA was relayed to us in horrified whispers from local agents, when informed that we had chosen another to represent us– from outside the area! That is – outside the local Carlton area.

Our smooth ride to a successful sale had hit the first bump according to local agents. Have you heard a similar story when selling your home? 

Tell us below of your experiences…

Pauline Campbell

I am a former Australian domestic Airline employee of 15 years to Professional Tour Guide. Recently moved from coast to country. I prefer the quiet peace and beauty of where I live currently but there is a little Gypsy in me. Travel has been my thing. Now there is writing, blogging and meditation.

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