Hawaii trip 2019. Preparation.

Hawaii travel

I’m still waiting for the excitement to kick in? Where has it hidden itself? We are on final countdown.  I’m meant to be excited?

We have booked our chosen seats on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Remember the old Ansett quote. ” Airbus scarebus. If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going. “

Thank you to those savvy other passengers who got in before us and took our preferred location -down the back with the crew! Obviously, these are the best seating positions as everyone has now realised. We chose an alternate location. On the wing. A window seat, a middle seat – and hopefully, if we are lucky – no poor individual will choose to singly sit beside us on the aisle. This means that I can spread out a little, being an overnight flight. Otherwise I will be forced to clamber, climb and struggle over the aforementioned passenger, in a pressing need to reach the bathroom, at the back where the privileged ones mentioned are now sitting – where we were meant to be!

Why are there so many bathroom trips? Possibly, I will be required to have a chardonnay prior to boarding, plus one teensy one after take-off – for medicinal purposes and to soothe any fear of flying nerves..plus coffee, tea, juice, water, any liquid really..to fend off dehydration of course. Hence more climbing awkwardly over the by now quite annoyed and put out single passenger who is not meant to be there. Incidentally, I never sleep on overnight flights.

We have also booked the in-flight entertainment, Jetstar being a budget airline, it is pay as you go or pre-book. Everything.
The flight takes ten and one half hours leaving early evening Melbourne time and arriving in Honolulu at 6:30 in the morning ON THE SAME DAY! Last time I staggered out of the airport where the sun was rising over Waikiki, inhaling the exotic fragrances – Hawaii smells tropical, like coconut and rare flowers -is that plumeria? I swear I believed it was early evening and the sun was setting? That’s what crossing the International dateline does to one. It will be a long wait for our room and being a different Hotel, we don’t know what to expect. However we know where to go while waiting.

Have to get logged in again to book some food, otherwise I will probably starve. Greg knows this! About me starving! We love airline food. Sitting there watching a Bond movie above the white, fluffy clouds and a very professionally polite crew member leans across to place a steaming delicious meal in front of you. It is wonderful. A stranger bringing me food. A jumbo toasted sandwich with hot beverage one hour after takeoff and a bacon and basil quiche with hash browns one hour before landing. This should suffice. Eating distracts from the fact that you are sitting in a toothpaste tube at 40,000 feet!

Next step – money exchange! Oh for Gods sake is that the current rate? to be continued….

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